Sunday, 3 July 2011


Well after a very long 5 days I am back home and ready to sleep in my own bed. 

The first day of camp was the norm of just getting to know everyone and going through the rules and procedures. We also were getting introduced to our small groups. In order for us to find our small group we had to work together to find each others characters that matched to each movie. I was in the Sheriff from the movie Cars. It was so cool! I had an awesome small group. We also practiced a little of our acting skills, which by the way I am a terrible actor.

The second day of camp consisted of  a very funny first aid basic course. We were taught how to wrap a sprain and make a sling. The instructors added some great humour which made it very fun to learn. We were also introduced to the different types of sessions that were going to be taught to the kids. Such as outdoors ( making Banana Boats.... So delicious..) Crafts (making soap figures and pom poms out of string) Canoeing, Archery, Low Ropes,  and Dance. That was a busy day of learning.

The third day was probably the longest but went by the fastest. It was also Canada Day!!We did some more skill sessions and went to the lake and played some beachfront games. Games like tug of war in the water and water balloon catch and passing of water in cups.  After supper we played the game Minute to Win it, it was definitely harder than it looked. Practicing our mini olympics and watched a talent show. Some kids are very talented. Lots of singers and people who can play the guitar. Ending the day off with singing lots of old campfire songs and definitely some new ones. Since it was Canada Day we got to watch some amazing fire works!!!
The last full day of camp was the Journey and Behaviour Management.  The journey is when each group of counsellors got together and worked on communication, teamwork, and trusting skills. Since I am too young to counsell I still participated anyways. The Behaviour class was about what to expect with troubled kids. After all the work we got to go and play some games and before the banquet we got to go on a huge slip n' slide. It was so much fun but at the end I was covered in mud from head to toe. The Banquet theme was Blast from the Past so everyone dressed up in their moms or dads old tuxedos or gowns from weddings or grads. There were some pretty interesting outfits. After supper there was a wonderful dance.

The last day of camp was just packing and finishing clean up and doing debriefs of the whole week.

LTCS was a great experience. Met alot of new friends and reunited with the old ones. It was a memory I will never forget. The food, the facility, the program, everything was amazing.

It is not good-bye forever it is just good-bye for now.

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  1. Hi really enjoying your blog, and have a few "city" questions to ask....and please try to remember that "THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS"!!!! here goes:

    1. what does the term "shrink" mean in reference to your cattle?
    2. can you explain some cattle terms for us city folk....i.e. heifer? steer? cow? bull? (I do know they're the big ones you don't want to try and pet) etc
    3. do you get attached to your 4H animals, like pets or is it strictly business?
    4. what are your views on the issues with rodeo and the animal rights movement?
    5. are you involved in any volunteer work?

    well, that's all for now....keep up the great blog...I really enjoy your sense of humour, and my dog Mousse (city dog) is actually contemplating commenting on your dog's blogs, so you may hear from her soon?